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DSLR Camera Case from an Old Toolbox 


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DSLR Camera Case from an Old 


Written By: Rich Reynolds 

y* TOOLS: 

Dremel tool with cutting, grinding, or routing bits (1) 
Scissors (1) 
Sharpie (1) 
Tape measure (1) 

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DSLR Camera Case from an Old Toolbox 

Step 1 — DSLR Camera Case from an Old Toolbox 

• Got an old tool case, like this orbital sander case? Also have a DSLR camera that needs a 
safe home? Look no farther my friend. 

Step 2 

• First, find a case that is big enough for your camera. I was about to throw out a DeWalt 
sander case, because seriously, who needs a case for a sander?!? 

• Then use a Dremel or similar tool to grind out all the plastic dividers and leave one wide- 
open cavity. 

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DSLR Camera Case from an Old Toolbox 

Step 3 

• Get your hands on some pick-and-pluck foam sheet. I got mine online here . Just measure 
the inside volume of the case and order a little more than you will need. 

• Next figure out what you need to do to fit the foam snugly in the case. The thinner the 
layers, the more detailed the mold can be. 

• Put the camera on the foam and trace it with a sharpie. After a layer or two start making a 
void for the camera. 

• Add layers until the foam reaches the lip of the bottom half of the case. You can also 
remove sections for extra lenses and the carry strap. I just fold up the strap and sandwich 
it in behind the camera. 

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